Action Map Rules:
- If the player enters this map, he gets a home base (but only if one does not already exist) in a random position
- On Map8 and Map10 each player receives this home base if you have more than 1000 points in the game. On all other maps only if the map is his home map. Map8 and map10 is not accessible via highways.
- The home base (indicated by the double flag) will be taken out of the game when the player is offline (on the map) for more than 15 minutes. If the player reenters the map later, then the home base will take place on the map again. The buildings will remain. This only applies for a home base!
you can define in the setup menu, that the home base should leave the map when the production timer is over. (but keep in mind that the home base in that case maybe longer on the battle field and can be attacked.)
- To be "online" on a map you have to be on the map (and not on another map) and you have to play the actively
- The home base will allways be on another position when it enters the map (nearly allies)
- While the home base is not on the map the home base will be invulnerable. The home base is only vulnerable / destroyable when it is on the map. In the case the buildings can be destroyed. (However, maximum building (ministry, base command, military centers) are still recoverable in that case)
- If the home base has an active production and the home base is "logged out" from the map then will the production be paused and resumed as soon as the base is back on the map.
Example: the player activates the production of steel for the home base for 1 hour and goes directly offline. For about 15 minutes steel will be produced and the home base will disappeare from the map.
And when the player cames back after 3 hours on that map, the steel production will resume with 45 minutes remaining time.
- The home base is not capturable, only destroyable

- All other bases are permanently on the map and can be attacked / destoryed / conquered at any time
- all units on the map can be attacked/destoryed at any time
- Up to 100 players can be on the action map at the same time
- home map can only be changed every 5 days
- home map change only possible if you have only one base in the game

In the map menu you can see which maps are action maps.

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