Arena-Map Game rules (only MAP 9):
- The Arena map is not a continuous map. It will always completely reseted after a game round. All resources, vehicles, bases, etc. will be deleted. Used Titanium will not returned.
- Every day at 8:00pm (time zone CET) starts a game round on the arena map. You have to online on the arena map at this time to participate.
- The game round will only start when at least 10 players online on the arena map.
- A round takes maximum 4 hours. If no winner is determined by then so the round will be a draw.
- Win Condition: All enemy bases must be destroyed.
- If you lose all your bases on the Arenamap, then you will also lose all of your units
- Resource production and construction times are faster than usual.
- Free production is 10 seconds + 3 seconds per additional base. for example, when you have 11 bases the production is: 40 sec.
- The 5-minute-production for 1 Titanium produces five minutes + 5 seconds per additional base. for example, 6 minutes at 13 bases on the Arenamap.
- Patriot vehicles can be stationed anywhere.
- Buildings, vehicles, helicopters, etc. have different properties than usual
- The group limit is about 3 units higher than usual.
- You can change what should be produced while the production runs. for example change from concrete to steel by clicking on "produce here" button.
- the usual alliances are not valid on the Arenamap.
- The Arenamap is separated from all other maps and has no effect from and to other maps.
- Less than 0 Arena points is not possible

Game Mode "Deathmatch" (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday):
- No Teams, Everyone vs Everyone, The last survivor will get Arena Points (Namely the up rounded root of the number of participating players, eg. 5 participating players => 3 Arena points), Loosers will get -1 Arena point. If there are still 2 or more players after 4 hours, all will lose 1 Arena Point
- Everyone starts with only 1 Base

Game Mode "2-Teams-Match" (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday):
- There are two teams that start with the same number of bases. Example: Three level2 players play against six level1 players, so six bases against six bases (during the game round you can conquer more bases of course, but the starting conditions are the same)
- if your team win the match and you have survived until the end so you get 2 Arena points.
- All players of the team that has lost will lose 1 point arena.
- It is possible that someone cannot play the game, because he would unbalance the game (eg 9 bases would fight against 8 bases)

Arena points and arena level:
- With Arena points you can ascending / descending your level and you will start in future with several bases. Someone with Level1 starts with one base, with Level2 starts with 2 bases, Level3 => 3 bases etc.
- Someone with 3 bases will also start with 3x Start resources
0 Arena points => 1 Base / Level 1
1-2 Arena points => 2 Bases / Level 2
3-6 Arena points => 3 Bases / Level 3
7-14 Arena points => 4 Bases / Level 4
15-30 Arena points => 5 Bases / Level 5
31-62 Arena points => 6 Bases / Level 6
63-126 Arena points => 7 Bases / Level 7
127+ Arena points => 8 Bases / Level 8

Please keep in mind, that the Arena Map is new. Some things may be changed.

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