- other player's maximum buildings cannot be conquered

- Maximum Recovery: When you lose Maximum buildings (ministry, base command and military central) in battle you can restore them elsewhere for 1 Titanium per piece .

- Attack: If the base defense is destroyed then the base have no owner. 50% of all production buildings will be destroyed and all maximum building will explode. The previous owner of the base can restore the destroyed maximumbuilding for 1 Titanium per piece.

- Conquer: To conquer a base you have to destroy completely the base defense. With an APC you can conquer the base.

- Base Extension: This Titanium function builds up the factories of a base to its maximum level. So the concrete factory will be level 16, steel mill level 16, carbon factory level 16 and oil refinery level 15.
It does not matter what level they had before.

- Base Extension Recovery: When you improve your base with the Titanium function "base extension" and lose your base in battle then you can restore (on a different location) your base extension with the reduced price of 100 Titanium.
(This improvement applies only for one base and not for any other)

- Defence Recovery: When you improve your base defense with the Titanium function "wall expansion" and lose your base in battle then you can restore the wall (on a diffrent location) at the reduced price of 25 Titanium.
The same applies to the missile improvment.
(This improvement applies to only one base and not for any other)

- Missile Improvment: Increases the weapon range of the defense of one base. You can only install them, if no enemy is nearly. Otherwise, you will get the error message "PlayerXYZ in the way"
(This improvement applies to only one base and not for any other)

- Building queue: With the building queue you can build up to 10 units (tanks or helicopters) automatically. The building queue will be paused when you have insufficient resources to continue the construction or the maximum is exceeded, or other requirements are not set to build.
If all requirements are met, you can continue the building queue by building something again.
The building queue can be interrupted by clicking on cancle.

- newbee bases (yellow flag) can only be conquered by players who have less than 5 bases in the game (reserved for newbies) and conquered less than 10 bases in the current week.
With the time this bases will become normal bases, and then they are attackable/conquerable for everyone.

- Alpha Wars is an endless game. This means that the game runs even further also if you are not logged in. (Expect the Arena Map)

- Upgrades (Walls, MisImpr, radar station, jammers, etc) can not be captured.

- Resources: The resources concrete, steel, carbon and fuel are attached to a map. Resources can not be transferred from one map to other map.
Tip: If you have resources on a map on which you are no longer active, conquer a base there and exhaust the resources by building troops and take them via Highway to another maps

- Alliances: Leaders and Co-Leaders can define which players may join their alliance and they can kick members out their alliance. Leader can define their co-leaders. If the mode "Take newcomers automatically" is active newcomers and players who want to join the alliance will automatically be taken into the alliance immediately.

- Welcome Back: If a player is inactive for several days, has only one base, is without an alliance, and returns to the game, he will be automatically assigned to the latest map and to an alliance with the option "newcomers are welcome"

- Password: Never tell anyone Your password! (that is not allowed by the TnC 1.5)
Choose a long password with a combination of upper and lower case chars and numbers.
The user shall be obliged to choose a secure password. (see TnC 1.3)
DITOGAMES will never ask You about Your password.

- Fuel can be converted into titanium. How much fuel is needed depends on how many conversions you already have made ​​on the current day.

- attack target: Units will open fire as soon as an enemy comes in weapons range.
Base defense favor as target units which are specialized against bases (eg Panhards, Cobras, APC) as well as Comanches and PL-01x.
Also units have favored targets (eg howitzers favor base defense, Tigers favor airunits, centaurs favor Vehicles)
If you want to command a specific target, select your troops and click on an enemy. A red circle will flash around the opponent.
The command to fire on a specific opponent will be canceled as soon as you give a move command (a white circle will flash) or when the specific target is destroyed.
If the specific target is not in weapons range, the units (which have this specific target) will try to approach the target.
If no specific target is defined or the specific target is not in weapons range (yet), the unit will determines his target itself.
If an ally will become an enemy (eg because the ally has left the alliance or you left the Alliance), the units will open fire only when someone moves.

- Radar station and jammer cannot be recovered

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