The Battle Map is new and the rules are likely to be adapted in the early days

- The Battlemap is an endless round. There are home bases as the Action Maps. (More information at Action Maps) You need 1000 points to get a home base on map8 (battle map)

- On the Battlemap there are 2 fractions per level. There are three levels, in total 6 fractions. Which fraction an alliance is, is determined by the system and is primarily dependent upon the total points and secondarily by the total points of other alliances.

- The alliances of the same faction have a temporary nonaggression pact. This may change frequently, for example, if the points are changing

- There are three levels on the Battlemap that can be reach by an alliance. Each level has two factions that fight each other. Fractions from other levels can not be attacked. Faction5 (Level3) can therefore not attack Faction1 (Level1)

- Alliances of the same faction are yellow, just factions of different levels

- Homebase AP not influcence the total points a (so there will be no strong points fluctuations when players go online or offline)

- Level 1: Faction1 fighting Faction2
- Level 2: Faction3 fighting Faction4
- Level 3: Faction5 fighting Faction6

An alliance can ascend in level:
- 1. must reach minimum points (for Level 2 1000 points; for Level 3 5000 points)
- 2. the lower fraction of the level have at least as many points as the top fraction
Example 1a: three Allys have more than 1000 points, Ally1 have 3000, Ally2 have 1200, Ally3 have 1100. Ally2 and Ally3 have only 2300 points, as soon as they have together more than 3000 they can ascend
Example 2b: four Allys have more than 1000 points, Ally1 have 3000, Ally2 have 2500, Ally3 have 1500, Ally4 have 1200. Ally4 can not rise, because Ally2 + Ally3 already have more points than Ally1

- The points calculation will be updated every hour (so the factions will not change so frequently)

- 100 points needed to reach faction2

- Upper faction: faction 2, 4, 6 are the strongest alliances of the level

- Lower faction: faction 1, 3, 5 are the weakest alliances of the level

- The higher the faction the more building options are available to members of that alliance (Faction1 = little building options, Faction6 = many building options)

- players without an alliance will be counted as own alliance

- Map8 has no highways

- Bases can be conquered only by the faction, which has destroyed the base defense (ie a base is destroyed by Faction5, Faction1 can not conquer it)

Tip: Do not park vehicles near other alliances. The faction Depending on points, maybe they become enemies.

The system tries as possible to claim a point of equilibrium between the factions of the same level.
The upper faction can reach <= 50% of the points, the lower faction >= 50% of the points
Example 1b:
- Alliance A, 35000 points, Faction6
- Alliance B, 30000 points, Faction6
- Alliance C, 25000 points, Faction5
- Alliance D, 22000 points, Faction5
- Alliance E, 18000 points, Faction5
In this example, Faction5 and Faction6 both have 65000 points

Example 2b:
- Alliance A, 35000 points, Fraction6
- Alliance B, 30000 points, Fraction6
- Alliance C, 25000 points, Fraction5
- Alliance D, 22000 points, Fraction5
- Alliance E, 20000 points, Fraction5
In this example, Faction6 have 65000 points and Fraktion5 have 67000 points (because only the lower fraction (Faction5 here) are allowed to have more points than the other)

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